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Harlem Hotsteppers

We don’t call them the Roaring Twenties for nothing! The Harlem Hotsteppers bring a jolt of energy to your wedding, party or retro function, staying in-step with the best parts of the Prohibition era. They suit any budget – whether you want two girls, four, or a full line-up of ten – so everyone has a chance for some razzle-dazzle dancing, especially when there’s a band involved too.

Let the Hotsteppers wow your audience with quick, five-minute performances, or put them right at the centre of the dancefloor, so guests can take their lead. These girls impress with their legwork, outfits, and obvious love for a great time – it’s hard to stay on the sidelines when a Charleston is underway…

Want to make the most of your entertainment booking? Ask the girls to meet and greet your guests, dotting magnificently around the venue. For a 20s theme, they’re very adaptable, adding a unique flavour to your event theme.

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