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Hooray for Hollywood

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers et al were right there in the milieu of your celebrations? Well, now we can hire the next best thing, as Hooray For Hollywood take the Golden Age playbook and open it for awards shows, weddings, or any glam-dram occasion.

Arriving in one of four separate bookings – ranging from a quartet to a ten-piece dance routine – they can suit your budget to a T, without losing that glaze of cinematic magic. Top hats, white gloves, endlessly flowing dresses; there’s little limit to the luxury on offer, backed by well-honed, choreographed steps you’ll have to see to believe.

At a word, Hooray For Hollywood can teach your guests the basics of tap, jive and ballroom styles. Soon enough they’ll be imitating their film heroes for real, swanning to and fro in the light of a gorgeous experience. Or instead, have the dancers stay in character for a meet-and-greet lasting 45 minutes.

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