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She’s a single-name sensation hailing from the North West of England, but her voice has gone global… Jemma is a stirring, dramatic voice that will lift the curtains on your musical entertainment. Jemma’s massive talent has seen her performing in Las Vegas, Paris and some of London’s finest establishments.

She’s performed to dignitaries, prime ministers, celebrities and aristocrats. Although she has a popular music background, Jemma’s been classically trained too. You’re as likely to hear Beyoncé as a Massenet opera, or even a burst of Evanescence – ensuring she can meet the requirements of your event, whatever the theme.

Jemma has an artful tongue in other ways too – she speaks six languages, so an international audience can listen to familiar songs. Book a solo set or ask for a live band, DJ or pianist to join her. Jemma’s singing is the miracle you’ve been waiting for as that date on the calendar flutters ever nearer…

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