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Jive Girls

There’s an easy way to glam up your wedding, birthday or corporate do – and that’s by taking the Jive Girls into the spotlight, letting them loose on seven decades of dance mastery! Your guests can watch and learn, or stand back until those feather-light toes cross their path, making for a mesmerising evening.

The Jive Girls can demonstrate a bunch of retro dance styles, and get everyone in the swing of the moment. Nervous laughter will blossom into something magical; the girls can do 15 or 30-minute participation sessions, depending on what you want. They can also stroll elegantly around the event space, greeting guests as they arrive.

The basic line-up consists of four members, but it can rise to a six-piece troupe, or fall back to three or two if you’re on a budget. Red and gold dresses make the Jive Girls a lovely addition for the festive season too. Whatever the choice, you’re assured of a chic, vibrant showcase for any gathering worth the vintage label.

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