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Silk Street Jazz

Labelling a group as “the best jazz band outside of New Orleans” sets a pretty high bar, but given Silk Street Jazz’ uncanny knack for getting their audience moving, we can’t think of a more suitable way to describe them.

An ode to the great bands of The Big Easy, Silk Street Jazz are a group who’ve spent the best part of two decades injecting a festive, sunny feel into all types of parties. Clad in sunglasses, bowties and waistcoats, this gang always wear a look to match their sound, playing a long list of jazz classics as well as renditions of modern chart-toppers.

Silk Street Jazz can turn up in almost any guise, with two to seven-piece line-ups. 1920s flapper dancers are also on standby to strut their stuff in time to the trumpets if you want to give your show an extra bit of oomph. And, for a truly authentic-feeling throwback to those heady days of the Roaring Twenties, the group can suit up as the “Lucky Band”, performing vintage tunes in matching attire.

But their diversity doesn’t stop there. For the winter season, this group will climb into red suits and white beards to perform as the Silk Street Santas!

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