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One step at a time, the Swingouts will bring the fervour of 1920s-40s dancehalls to your venue! They’re a troupe of guys and girls with a love of zoot hats, suspenders and white shirts. Along with a predilection for swing music, they are ready to lead an old-school charm offensive on your event.

Few others acts can jump straight into the heart of a classic, good-time theme… Have them perform to a swing band, immediately hitting the authentic stride of your wedding, birthday or corporate party. No-one tires of swing music, do they? Audiences are guaranteed a fantastic centrepiece, as well as a case of itchy feet for the Charleston, Lindy Hop and other bygone dance styles.

The Swingouts have won a national UK competition for their moves in their spotlight. More recently, they scored high in a European contest – a symptom of the joy they bring to every performance. Tap your feet in appreciation, and catch the troupe now whilst their reputation keeps soaring!

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