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The Fifties

Rocking around the clock is a big part of any special occasion. The Fifties are a band that, unashamedly, put the pedal to the metal on a rock ’n’ roll show, launching guests into the sounds of Chuck Berry, Elvis, Little Richard and the classics you can’t wait to hear live…

For this group, the era of greasers and one-for-two milkshakes is alive and well. Indeed, you’ll agree it’s positively thriving when you book via Silk Street and experience The Fifties’ electrifying presence on stage. Give the boys a starting point, and watch them fly, combing Brylcreem through their hair minutes before show time! As a four-piece, they epitomise the traditional rock line-up. But as a covers act, they’re unrivalled, winning awards for their dedication to the 50s songbook.

The Fifties are an ideal choice for weddings, vintage-themed ceremonies and a birthday treat to remember. Four members are just the beginning – you can drop down to three, or boost the band up to eight musicians with the added touch of piano and brass. Every show is on fire, suitably befitting of the times the band hark back to.

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