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The Rock Shots

Ready yourself for a little anarchy! The Rock Shots turn up their dials, kick the reverb pedal, and put their own riotous spin on the tunes you’ve been punching the air to since you can remember. Whilst specialising in guitar-heavy music, they have a reputation for other styles too, such as folk and pop punk.

A New Year’s party? Corporate function? Perhaps a well-deserved birthday treat? Get your Rock Shots lined up for an unforgettable set: the sort that can flit between every conceivable theme. Knock Coldplay against Paramore for the younger crowd, or take a detour to Bill Withers, Sam Cooke and Frank Sinatra if you’re assembling a black-tie affair. They’re experimental, too, with forays in Hawaiian, Latino, Jazz and Christmas music.

We’re sure you’ll see the passion that’s made this band a star on the covers scene – the guitarist has a habit of soloing with his teeth! The Rock Shots’ crowd-pleasing songs are tough to deny, whatever the occasion. With more than 200 tracks to choose from, and their own lighting/PA system to make use of, contact us today to book this stellar act.

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