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The Tootsie Two

Sometimes we just want to throw our hair back, eyes to the sky, and revel in the sounds, sights and clattering rhythms of another age. That’s what the Tootsie Two are able to give you – with impeccable taste, these girls break out the beads and fishnets, dressed in the savoured aesthetic of a time gone by.

They’ll dance the Charleston, Foxtrot, Lindy Hop… anything that makes a fine-tuned splash at your event. Depending on preferences, the Tootsie Two can teach your crowd how to shake their stuff, or just mingle and tiptoe around the throng, breaking into choreographed jigs when the moment is right.

Don’t be fooled by the name though, as there are more than a pair of perfect dancers to take on! Line-ups range from two to four, eight or ten flapper-style performers for your 20s homage. We think they’re a class booking for birthdays, weddings and corporate festivities – basically anything with a twist of the Jazz Age to call your own.

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