Band Member / Artist Information For Silk Street Jobs

How To Confirm a Job

Band Member / Artist Information For Silk Street Jobs

How To Confirm a Job

When a new job comes in it will appear on your diary list with your availability shown as unconfirmed. Please click the job number, check the job details, scroll to the bottom of the page and confirm your availability by clicking the confirm button, your availability will then change to confirmed


Please arrive, set up and be ready to perform by the times stated on the job sheet. Your performance timings are contracted, so please start and leave the event at the finish time stated, unless instructed differently by the client. Late arrival is unacceptable and it is our policy not to work again with musicians who arrive late.


Please complete the number of sets as stated on the job sheet checking with the client in advance, should there be any schedule alterations. If the event runs late, then please feel free to shorten the appropriate set at your own discretion.

Dress Code

Please wear the appropriate dress code as stated on the job sheet. Clothes must be smart (clean, ironed and pressed), shoes must be clean.

Instrument & Equipment:

Please bring the correct equipment to the job. It is your responsibility to have the correct instrument, reeds, strings, leads etc at the event. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested and you must hold a valid PAT testing certificate for all equipment used on the job. 

Use of Power

The client has been instructed to provide access to power should you require it. Please make sure you use circuit breakers on all power sockets and bring the correct extension leads. 


If the event is outside and in the event of adverse weather conditions, you are entitled to stop the performance until suitable cover and heating (if necessary) is provided. The client has been instructed to provide shelter (please see the Artist Ryder for more details).

Roaming or Stationery

Some Silk Street Jazz jobs are roaming, please be prepared to perform in different areas of the venue.

Repertoire & Style

For Silk Street Jazz and Swing band members, please make sure you are familiar with our repertoire. If you are unsure please get in touch in advance. Unless your act uses music, it is not acceptable to read charts on any job, you must know the repertoire and perform in the appropriate style.

For Silk Street Music Artists, please make sure your performance is similar to and reflects that shown on the Silk Street Music website. 


Refreshments are now requested through the Silk Street Artist Ryder, though are not guaranteed. For afternoon events something light (sandwiches or canapés) is requested from the client, plated up separately from the guests for your break. For evening events we request a hot meal or access to the buffet. If you would prefer to choose when you have refreshments, please eat beforehand or bring your own where possible.


Silk Street operate a no drinking policy on jobs unless otherwise stated above or agreed between the client. If the job sheet states that alcohol must not be consumed, even if offered by the client, then please make sure this is adhered to. 


Please do not smoke in front of the guests. If you wish to smoke it must be out of sight of any guests in a discreet place.

Mobile Phones

Please do not use mobile phones in front of guests. If you need to make a call it must be out of sight of any guests in a discreet place.

Parking & Congestion Charge

Parking is now requested through the Silk Street Artist Ryder, though not guaranteed. Please check the venue website for parking details and make sure we have your vehicle registration in advance. The client cannot always provide parking at the venue, but will try to accommodate this where possible. All parking fees will be refunded by the client.

The Congestion Charge is now requested through the Silk Street Artist Ryder and will be refunded by the client. The number of vehicles driving in to the zone must be agreed in advance of the event date.  


Fees are all Inclusive (payable within 30 days by BACS upon receipt of valid invoice, please read thoroughly the section on invoicing). Fees includes any VAT, Travel, Petrol, Congestion Charge, accommodation and subsistence costs, unless otherwise agreed.


Please hand out Silk Street business cards to anyone enquiring about hiring you for their event. Do not give out your own personal contact details or another band’s business card. It is our policy not to work again with musicians who give out their own or another band’s business card and we reserve the right to permanently withhold your performance fee under these circumstances. 

Use of Social Media

Silk Street Artists agree that they will not directly or indirectly promote, discuss, comment, like, tag or upload photos to any social networking site linked with any Silk Street job, including (and not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Google+.

Use of Deps

Once you have accepted a job on Silk Street Flow, we ask that you show an acceptable and fair level of commitment in return. However at times, you may be offered another booking that, for whatever reason, you need to accept. Under these circumstances, it is your responsibility to find suitable cover for the job if you can no longer make it. Should you need to send cover for a Silk Street Job, you must:

  1. Arrange provisional cover 
  2. Contact Silk Street so we can confirm the dep is suitable. 
  3. Ask the dep to register as a user on the flow website
  4. Silk Street will then push the job details to their portal.
  5. Provide the dep with the uniform required for the job. We will not send uniforms on your behalf.

Please note depping out a job at short notice (without a valid reason), failing to arrange a suitable dep or depping out a job without letting us know is unacceptable and will jeopardise your future work with Silk Street.

Silk Street gives a professional service to the highest standards which must be maintained at every event. This means being polite to guests at all times (no swearing or vulgar behaviour or equivalent). Failure to comply with the above will undermine our name, reputation and will compromise both client bookings and your opportunity to work with us in the future. Please take working with us seriously and thank you for your hard work. 

For more information please see our Band Member / Artists Terms & Conditions


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