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Why you should start planning your corporate entertainment Christmas party NOW

Very few people are thinking about Christmas in April. Even though your festive spirit won’t kick in for a while, you’ve still got some important organisation to do before December.

Your corporate Christmas party is a big event. If you’re taking charge this year, we’ve got a few compelling reasons why you should really start booking and planning now…

corporate entertainment

You’re more likely to enjoy the night

Sometimes the party organiser sacrifices a lot. They ignore their own enjoyment to make sure everything runs smoothly. They nurse their own glass of champagne so they can stay alert, keeping an eye on the buffet table and monitoring the free bar.

Here’s an alternative. Everything’s organised so well in advance that you can knock back that champagne and enjoy the party like everybody else.

The best acts will still be available

At Silk Street, our most popular acts are booked up very quickly. The best corporate entertainment is show-stopping and memorable, so bookers are really keen to secure the most professional and unusual bands, singers, and performers.

Call us in April, and your ideal act should still be available. Call us in October, and we’re much less likely to be able to make that promise.

corporate entertainment

There’s time to sort out any problems

Last minute is fine if you’re throwing a house party. But when there’s catering, waiting staff, and corporate entertainment en route, you don’t have room to wing it. Fingers crossed nothing will go wrong, but life’s not always that simple. One illness, booking error, or broken PA system can change everything

Planning a few months in advance gives you plenty of time to troubleshoot, deal with cancellations, and find replacements and alternatives if worst comes to worst. Anything can happen between now and December, so it’s smart to be prepared.

Your guests will get it in their diary early

We don’t need to tell you that Christmas is one of the busiest times of year. There are family dinners, company parties, and friends visiting all the time. Some people even leave the country to avoid all the tinsel and turkey!

However many people you’re inviting to the corporate party, it’s likely their evenings and weekends are going to start filling up the closer we get to December. Catch them in spring and they’re more likely to be free.

If the invitation receives a surprised response of “Already?”, you’ve got it right.

Silk Street works with only the most professional musicians and performers. They entertain at weddings, events, and corporate parties all over the UK. Some have even performed for Her Majesty and on the small screen!

To book bands, singers, dancers, magicians, or something a little bit unusual, browse our acts.

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