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A Blast Of New Orleans Wedding Entertainment

Some elements of a wedding are predictable: the altar, the confetti, page boys waiting impatiently on staircases… Then there’s the more unique side to wedding entertainment. Tradition still exists, but increasingly, people want a ceremony that meets the tastes they share as a couple.

When Silk Street Jazz heard about Steve and Laura’s big date, we knew this was a pairing we could get behind. Their New Orleans sound can’t help but be a joyous reminder of why life is worth living and sharing. In other words, the perfect note for two people in love!

That’s what made Silk Street Jazz stand out in their picks of wedding jazz bands for hire for the reception. Join us as we recount the tied knot at Macclesfield, and how a vintage playlist ran riot till the small hours.

Giving the line-up a heads up

Both Laura and Steve are big fans of clothes and music from bygone eras. They were seeking something much more rambunctious than an organ player as their wedding accompaniment. They needed the kind of band that gets people moving – a jazz trio who’d herald their vivacious personalities from the get-go. They’d visited New Orleans together once, and enjoyed the music they’d heard spilling from bars and street parades.

By the end of our first chat, we could tell the two were very much in sync. They’d chosen Heaton House Farm as the setting: accommodating, and down-to-earth. The same could be said for the couple themselves. They wanted a live act, but were willing to let us advise on how best it would turn out.

Laura and Steve’s wedding entertainment budget could afford three players. We arranged a banjo, clarinet and sousaphone line-up, with added vocals here and there.

The playing style of our wedding jazz band is suited to large crowds. It’s danceable, frenetic, and dressed in New Orleans regalia, looking the part of the 1920s and 30s. The band was also fortunate enough to be given free reign with the set list, so each performance could aim for total authenticity.

Silk Street Jazz donned their ties and red jackets on a beautiful summer morning, ready for what was ahead…

Wedding entertainment at the door

Silk Street Jazz were hired for two 45-minute sets, the first of which took place on the Heaton House patio, surrounded by lush trees and well-dressed guests. It was the band’s job to keep everyone entertained until the couple arrived from the ceremony. Because the act is acoustic, they could move around the venue, never at the mercy of wires or a PA system. This suited the outdoor mood more than most wedding jazz bands.

As Silk Street Jazz plucked, blew and fingered their instruments, a vintage car pulled up to the audience at the foot of the farm. Laura and Steve got out to rapturous cheers; our players, likewise, picked up the volume as the happy couple made their way inside.

It took a little while for them to reach the door, however, as they were dancing so much! It was obvious they were enthralled in a sound they held close to their shared hearts.

A photo finish for Silk Street Jazz

Steadily, people filtered into the farmhouse. Our wedding jazz band moved into their second 45 minutes as everyone posed for pictures. The wedding entertainment was (literally) in full swing. Silk Street Jazz kept everyone’s spirits and stamina up ready for the long evening of celebrations ahead.

They performed throughout the reception and photo sessions. Occasionally, they were asked to pose too, which they’re more than willing to do on any event booking. Memories, after all, can come in the form of scarlet waistcoat of a New Orleans tribute act too.

After the last flash hit Steve and Laura’s faces, it was time for dinner. That’s where Silk Street Jazz bowed out, wishing the couple all the best for the future.

Our wedding jazz band can work to any schedule our clients have in mind. Sometimes they do late wedding parties, sometimes the main walk to the aisle. In this case, wedding entertainment ideas stretched to the pre-dinner stage. But anything is achievable when you consult with us. The more we know, the better we can plan our act to make the biggest impression on your special day.

So, that’s how to get hitched without a hitch, if you’re fan of authentic American jazz. Laura got back to us with a review. She was kind enough to say:

We just wanted to get in touch as early as we could to say THANK YOU so much for adding that amazing New Orleans vibe to our wedding. Getting out of the car to the sound of you guys was truly phenomenal and you delivered the exact atmosphere we wanted. 

“It was fun, upbeat and different – we’ve had so many comments about you guys so thank you so much for everything. Absolute perfection. As you could see, I couldn’t stop dancing to it! So special. 

“Now we just need to plan something else so we can use you again!”

The pleasure was ours, Laura.

The look of love with a booking

Have we tickled your fancy for wedding entertainment with a twist? Speak to the Silk Street Jazz performers to discuss dates, prices, line-ups and the songs you want to hear.

Alternatively, take a look at our acts to find the perfect one for your wedding, or get in touch with us today to receive personalised recommendations straight to your email inbox.


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