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Silk Street Host Vintage Peaky Blinders Themed Party In Leeds

The 1920s is one of the most irresistible time periods – a decade dressed head to toe in glitz and glamour. It’s little wonder that we’ve seen a growing interest in crafting a Peaky Blinders themed party.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s beloved novel The Great Gatsby has much to answer for regarding this glamorisation of the roaring twenties. But, in recent years, TV series Peaky Blinders has paid a homage that’s much closer to home. The crime drama recreates the 1920s era with aplomb and has rekindled people’s desire to be part of the period – if only for an evening.

Recently, Silk Street took the Peaky Blinders-style setting of 1920s Birmingham and moved it north. We headed to the Yorkshire capital of the city of Leeds – at a glorious restaurant in The Light. In terms of music, there was no better band suited to the occasion than Silk Street Jazz. Our group of dapper-dressed musical talents personify the vivacious spirit of the decade. They also never fail to put on an authentic and unforgettable show.

The perfect act for a Peaky Blinders themed party

When launching and hosting a realistic Peaky Blinders themed party, it’s crucial to get two things right.

First: the location. The Light in Leeds is a prime example of a great spot for a roaring twenties shindig. With a variety of intimately lit dining spots and shadowed bars, the venue rebuilt the decade’s unique feel. What’s more, interactive events of this nature are largely synonymous with London. Holding such an occasion so far outside the capital inevitably turns heads.

The second thing you need for a successful 1920s party is a brilliant band. You need a group that don’t just embrace the occasion, but embody it. Silk Street Jazz were just the ticket and proved to be the biggest attraction of the night. They stuck with traditional instruments favoured during the twenties like banjo, clarinet, and bass sax. They also arrived fully dressed in attire that would have seen them slot right into a Peaky Blinders set.

When Silk Street Jazz weren’t playing in between various activities, they interacted with guests. They even hosted a meet and greet with attendees as they collected entrance tickets from a concealed booth. Never breaking character, the group remained completely committed to their roles from beginning to end, ensuring an uncannily accurate portrayal of 1920s nightlife.

Crafting a 1920s theme

We made sure to book a Peaky Blinders band that would immerse themselves in the occasion when putting plans in place for this party. The event also added inspired touches to make guests feel like they had been picked up and dropped in the middle of this decadent decade.

A number of Peaky Blinders themed actors were hired exclusively for the occasion. Each mingled with fellow guests whilst striking up conversations about “current” news, affairs, gossip and scandal.

Guests were all encouraged to dress up in plush twenties attire, too – from glimmering jewellery to handsome flat caps. A fully licensed bar served drinks all evening. An old-fashioned bookie took bets on vintage horse races, beamed onto the wall of the restaurant. Fine food was also served up against a backdrop of jangling piano keys.

Deryn Carr of Grit Pictures captured some footage of the event – view the video at the bottom of this page.

No two ’20s parties are the same with Silk Street

When you choose Silk Street to host a vintage-style Peaky Blinders themed party, you can take inspiration from the event like the one hosted at The Light in Leeds, or go for a totally different approach. We provide a tailored service and help you design your event from scratch, ensuring your occasion achieves the effect and atmosphere you’re searching for.

Whilst Silk Street Jazz entertained on this occasion, we also have a number of other bands to cater this theme. The Jazz Spivs have wowed audiences at countless speakeasy-style gatherings across the country.

There isn’t just one type of Peaky Blinders music band available for booking at Silk Street, and we can show you all the options. Just get in touch…

Start organising your Peaky Blinders party

Whatever the event, requirements, location or date, Silk Street will help you put on a sensational 1920s party that’s sure to impress your guests and leave them talking about your gathering for many years to come.

Head on over to our portfolio of performers to take a closer look at some of the superb acts we have available for hire. If you have any questions at any point during the process, we’d be delighted to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 0800 756 5512.

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