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Booking live entertainment: Top tips from June

Booking live entertainment is a minefield. There’s so much to consider, so much to plan. People tend to have lots of questions but find that they can’t always get the answers they need. Of course, planning and booking live entertainment needn’t be like this. That’s why we focus our blogs on tips, advice and guidance to make things easier for you.

Here’s a round-up of what we were blogging about in June.

Our Best Guide to Booking with a UK Entertainment Agency

First off, there was a detailed piece – a full and comprehensive guide, in fact. This blog told you everything you need to know about booking with a UK entertainment agency. However, whilst it’s detailed and packed with helpful tips, it also breaks down the whole process of booking into 5 clear and distinct stages.

Use the guide as a checklist to help you.

Booking live entertainment: Swing band lineups for every occasion

When it come to booking live entertainment, swing bands are a popular choice. However, few people realise just how versatile our swing band – Silk Street Swing – can be. With a 2-piece or 3-piece, and 4-piece and 5-piece lineups available, the blog Swing Band Lineups for every occasion should give food for thought. Talk about keeping your options open! Plus, there’s a choice of soloist performers too.

How much does a live jazz band cost?

Over on the Silk Street Jazz site one of our blogs asked a simple question:  How much does a live jazz band cost? As we explain in the blog, it’s a simple question but there isn’t a straightforward answer. We didn’t want to be accused of a cop-out. Therefore, we set about explaining as clearly as possible all the different factors that can affect pricing. We focus on how the pricing of a live jazz band is worked out. This is your ultimate live jazz band pricing guide.

Best UK Jazz Bands: The choice is yours

Last but not least, our blog Best UK Jazz Bands: The choice is yours highlighted the versatility that jazz offers. It is a perfect fit for a variety of occasions. What’s more, jazz is a broad church with lots of different styles and moods to choose from. In this blog we focus on three of the best: Silk Street Jazz, The Jazz Spivs, and Silk Street Swing.

So, another month passes and another month’s worth of blogs giving you great tips about booking live entertainment is complete. You can sign up for blog updates and make sure you never miss a thing.

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