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The Perils Of Event Planning Negotiation

Money makes the world go ’round. It’s human nature to try and trim costs so event budgets go as far as possible. Be it a wedding, corporate function, party or awards ceremony – there are always a lot of different areas to fund. After pricing up the total cost of your get-together, you may be forced to consider event planning negotiation to cut back in certain places. Entertainment should never be one of them.

One of the biggest mistakes event organisers can make is ploughing all of their available resources into catering, decorations and venue hire – leaving little choice but to barter when it comes to booking stage performers. In this blog, we explain why negotiation and entertainment don’t mix.

Price jousting never ends well

Small, part-time, locally based bands and performers will often be happy to take a cut-price fee just in order to get a gig. These entertainers may be on the first rung of the career ladder or treating their stage-time as pocket money. If you mention you’re scouring the market, these performers may even offer to undercut other candidates, leaving you with a platter of cheap entertainment options.

But is cheap entertainment something you really want at your event? Initiating a price joust between local performers will mean you spend less, for sure, but it will also mean your stage show will be weak. The performer(s) won’t arrive feeling buoyed by a worthy fee and excited to dazzle the crowd. Instead, they’ll go through the motions – perhaps playing a fleeting set so they can head to another venue later that same evening.

You want your audience to be leaving the venue with smiles on their faces and the performance still ringing in their ears. When you indulge in event entertainment negotiations, the chances of achieving this are significantly reduced.

Event planning negotiation is a poor use of time

Setting up a spectacular event is a time-consuming process. A lot of work goes into getting everything just right, and you need to make use of each window of time you have available. Event entertainment negotiations are one of the least productive activities to engage with during the prep process.

Ultimately, you need to focus on getting the best of the best to guarantee your guests have a memorable time for all the right reasons. Look for cooks who will put on a superb spread. Find a venue that oozes class. And book eye-popping entertainment that puts your event on its own dedicated shelf in guests’ minds.

When it comes to entertainment, planning how to negotiate a lower price on a service simply isn’t worth your time. Use the free moments you have to focus on shaping a gig that will blow your audience away.

Remove the headache of event planning negotiation with Silk Street

You won’t have to worry about finding fantastic performers or making event entertainment negotiations with Silk Street. As the leading talent agency in the UK, we pride ourselves on doing all the work for you. We’ll guide you towards terrific entertainment that complements your event perfectly.

Every performer in our portfolio has been quality-checked, with each singer, band, magician and comedian boasting an impressive track record of wowing crowds during their career.

Get in touch with our team today for more information. We guarantee you’ll get nothing but the best for your event.

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