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Event planning 101: The beginner’s guide to throwing an unforgettable party

There are two types of people in the world – those who go to parties, and those who throw them. The people who throw them know how much work (and money!) is involved in finding a venue, party bands for hire, and making the night unforgettable.

They know what it’s like when a vendor cancels last minute, or the balloons are the wrong colour. They also know how great it is when everything falls into place, and the guests are talking about it for months after.

If this is one of your first party planning experiences, let this be your essential guide to staying organised, booking the right people, and keeping the party going all night.

Start planning early (if you can)

Every part of the party planning process is easier when you’ve got time on your side. You’re more likely to get lots of positive RSVPs, and it’s much easier to book people and order supplies. If anything goes wrong, you have time to send it back or come up with a different plan.

If a date has been sprung on you, or it’s unavoidably a bit last-minute, you can still plan well. Stress is inevitable, so try to scale down your ambition slightly and keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to tell your caterers and suppliers you’re short on time either, they should be able to help you if they have enough information.

party band hire

Focus on the biggest crowd-pleasers

Whatever the occasion, (engagement, office Christmas party, a big birthday…) there are three main things people will judge your party on – food, drink, and music. Venue, decoration, and party favours are important, but they won’t make up for a substandard buffet or running out of prosecco!

Handy tip! When you’re making a list of everything you need, mark the biggest priorities and organise those first. Your budget will be allocated in the right places, and you’ll know the most important stuff  (e.g. hire a live band) is ticked off.

Think about the boring logistics

Balloons and table arrangements are important, but the far less glamorous issues of car parking and access to toilets are really important.

Inconvenienced guests are not in the mood to party, so make sure it’s easy to get to and from the venue, there’s enough plates and glasses, bins for litter, and the toilet queue won’t be ridiculous.

Bonus points for… a cloakroom, table service, and extra toiletries in the toilets.

hire a live band

Work with suppliers you can trust

Event planning stress goes right down when you’re working with people who know what they’re doing. Instead of going off pure price, look for florists, caterers, venues, and entertainment agencies with good reviews and a long track record.

Be flexible

You can save on budget, and avoid organisational issues if you’re flexible. If you’re shopping for decorations and a specific type of lantern is much cheaper than another, go for it! If your caterer can whip up some canapés with seasonal ingredients that are easier to get hold of, say yes!

If the fairy lights are a slightly different style to what you initially wanted, no one will notice… As long as everyone’s having a great time, your job is done!

Party bands for hire from Silk Street

Silk Street specialises in unforgettable entertainment and party bands for hire. Our DJs, bands, singers, and other music acts have performed all over the world. Make your party something special. You’ll be sure to fill the dance floor too!

Book one of our world-class musicians for your party.

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