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Events Entertainment: Live band Vs DJ

If you are booking events entertainment, one of the key questions you might ask yourself is: Live band or DJ? So, which is best?

Events entertainment: Choosing your act wisely

‘Events entertainment’ is a very broad term. Certain events will demand different moods, ambiences and atmospheres. This will depend on the occasion, the guests and location. Similarly, there are a vast range of entertainment choices that could prove to be perfect for particular events. From music acts covering all genres to caricaturists and magicians, there really is an act for every occasion.

But for many, the decision about the act to book for events entertainment is a relatively simple one. Yes, it’s all about opting for a live band or plumping for a DJ.

The ultimate objective is the same for both. It’s to get people up on the dancefloor.

Events entertainment: DJ

A DJ is a superb choice for an event. It’s de rigueur to book a celebrity DJ for an event. But this is an option that can cost you tens, even hundreds, of thousands of pounds.

Of course, a DJ can be hired at a much more affordable price! And, it’s worth it. A DJ is a guarantee to get the party jumping. A DJ booking is ideal birthday, wedding or corporate entertainment. Silk Street has superb DJ entertainers on the books. DJ Lenny regularly plays at some of London’s top venues. Meanwhile, Mr Prohibition  dresses in dapper top hat and tails to play sets that will keep all guests happy. Not only that, his performances are accompanied by dance floor lighting and lasers, lighting columns and a classic mirror ball.

Events entertainment: Live band

It’s true that a DJ booking is an inspired choice for many events. However, it’s probably fair to say that for most, a live band works just as well – if not better! Therefore, it’s good to know that you have a great choice to pick from.

Whether you are looking to hire a live band for a party or searching for wedding entertainment to wow your guests, there’s definitely a music act for you. Silk Street has a multitude of solo singers and bands covering pretty much every style, genre and theme.

We simply haven’t got time here to talk about all the live acts we have available. But, don’t take our word for it, take a look yourself at our music acts .

And if you need a bit of advice and guidance about events entertainment, feel free to get in touch for a friendly chat.



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