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Hire 1920s Band: The Complete Guide for Party Planners

Want to hire 1920s band for your event or party? Well done on having excellent, timeless taste!

Thanks to a surge of hit films and TV shows set in the glamorous and occasionally gritty 20s, the decade has become a popular theme for weddings, New Year’s Eve parties, corporate launch parties, and pretty much every kind of knees-up you can imagine.

If you want real, authentic jazz stylings at your event, you need to hire a 1920s band! This is your complete guide to choosing the perfect musicians for your big occasion.

Hire 1920s band: Bring authentic glamour to your party

The 1920s is such an iconic period that you’ll want to get the details right. Make sure there’s champagne flowing, feathers and lights adorning walkways and picture frames, and a fabulous 1920s dress code mentioned on the invitation. Fringed dresses and long cigarette holders, please!

As well as being fantastic musicians, it’s essential that your 1920s band looks the part. Our fantastic 1920s band, The Jazz Spivs, put on the ritz at every performance, complete with shiny brogues, 1920s tailoring, bow ties, and hats. They could have stepped straight off the set of Peaky Blinders!

How to get the REAL 1920s look at your party

Fringed dresses and sharp suits. The 1920s was known for its snappy dressers. Ladies wore bejewelled evening dresses that skimmed their hips, elegant head dresses, elbow length gloves, low heels, and always had an extravagantly long cigarette holder to wave around.

Illicit drinking. The 1920s was famous for Prohibition in America. Many people would drink in Speakeasies – illegal, secret bars that served everything from bath tub-brewed gin to imported champagne. The drink will be flowing perfectly legally at your party, but the secrecy can still live on. Think secret knocks, passwords, and hidden venues…

hire 1920s band

Image source: Rokit Vintage

Luxurious decor. The 1920s was famous for art deco style – simple, modern, symmetrical clean lines. It was a sign of wealth and excellent taste to fill your home with art deco pieces and designs. Now we’re approaching the next 20s, these styles are increasingly more and more popular. Classic buildings make the perfect setting for 1920s parties, and you can up the ante with golds, blacks, and rich jewel tones.

Music and dancing. The term ‘flapper’ used to be derogatory! Older people were scandalised by the idea of women dancing, drinking, and smoking into the early hours. Your party guests are just as up for a good time as the famous flappers, so there’s really only one option – jazz!

Hire 1920s band: Choose the perfect the set list

The most famous 1920s hits are written by some of the most renowned composers, songwriters, and hitmakers. Your party set list can include slow dances, high energy Charlestons, and everything in between.

The Jazz Spivs are ready and waiting with their double bass, guitar, clarinet and sax. Their song list includes classics like After You’ve Gone, Cheek To Cheek, Get Happy, and Doctor Jazz, and you can request any of our hundreds of jazz tunes as part of the performance.

hire 1920s band

Hire 1920s band: Fill the dance floor with flappers

When many people think of the 1920s, they think of the scandalous, carefree flappers. They represent everything we love about the decade – joy, glamour, and decadence.

The Silk Street Flappers are ready to have a rip-roaring, fringe-shaking, Charleston-kicking time! Hire them for your event or party with or without The Jazz Spivs, and they’ll demo the Charleston and show your guests how it’s done. They’ll soon be kicking and flicking!

Hire 1920s band – More 1920s acts you’ll love

The Silk Street Music books are full of 1920s-appropriate, show-stopping music and entertainment acts.

The very debonair Vintage Variety Harmonists use music and dance to perform foxtrot, cakewalk, Blues, Classical, Music Hall, jazz numbers and much, much more. Led by a spiffy bandleader, with instruments straight out of the 1920s, they can play solo and as a 5-piece.

You’ve never seen a cabaret act like Miss RitzySally Bowles wishes she was this talented with a hula hoop! A truly multi-talented performer, Miss Ritzy plays a plethora of characters and has a bag full of tricks. She’s wowed audiences in the UK, Belgium, France, Sweden, Spain, and she can wow yours too.

Your event is really going to heat up when the Harlem Hotsteppers arrive. These dazzling dancers are pure roaring 20s. They’ll tear up the dance floor with quick 5-minute hotstepping dance demos, as well as interact with your guests.

The Lucky Four look so authentically 1920s that they’ve been featured on hit TV shows Mr Selfridge and Downton Abbey. They play hot 1920s jazz tunes from the classic to the obscure. Whatever kind of atmosphere you want to create, they can make it happen.


The Jazz Spivs – Hire 1920s band

The Jazz Spivs are the best in the business. Their authentic 1920s jazz is pure toe-tapping fun. They’ve performed at famous venues like Buckingham Palace and The Waldorf Hotel, for VIPs like Gordon Ramsay and the Queen! (We believe Her Majesty loves a Charleston…)

Our jazz musicians are professional, seasoned performers with racks of 5-star reviews. They’re the perfect 1920s band for any event.

Book The Jazz Spivs now.

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