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7 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas You Might Not Have Come Across

Your wedding day. The best day of your life. Your wedding day will have such significance for you, your partner, family and loved ones. The wedding ceremony will be serious and special as you make the biggest commitment to the one you love. However, when it comes to the wedding reception, it is time to let your hair down and make all of the stress of planning a wedding worthwhile.

Your wedding day is a beautiful moment to treasure, with poignancy and real meaning. However, it is your wedding reception which your friends and family will play a huge part in and, in honesty, is what most guests look forward to. To make your wedding reception memorable, you will want to make your party fun, personal and like nothing else. If you are going to take your wedding day from a celebration to an all-out unforgettable party, consider one of these fun wedding reception ideas that you may not have thought of.

Seven fun wedding reception ideas you need for your big day

1. Fabulous Wedding Favours

When guests are seated for your wedding reception, the first thing they will look at (after opening the bottles of wine) will be the treats you have left for them. Wedding favours may be an old tradition but have progressed massively from the typical sugared almonds. If you want to set the precedent of a fun wedding reception, then offer your guests the appropriate gifts.

A hangover cure package is a perfect favour that you can guarantee will be used the morning after your wedding. Consider aspects such as rehydration sachets, strong tea, minty sweets, a fizzy drink and a chocolate bar. You may also include some of your own hangover cures to make it more personal.

With this in mind, small bags of gourmet coffee are a great gift too; coffee will be useful the next day and an excellent crowd pleaser. You can also add wedding-branded sunglasses to shield eyes from the light the next day.

If your wedding party is not full of drinkers, consider favours such as comfy slippers that will be heaven-sent to guests after too much dancing. You can also gift brilliant props for photographs such as sparklers which make for a beautiful nighttime wedding photograph and provide great fun for all your guests. Just make sure to have the necessary safety measures in place.

2. Brilliant Babysitter Break

To ensure all of your guests can attend, children may be a key part of your invite list. However, your wedding should be fun for children and grown-ups alike. To ensure that everyone can let their hair down, a babysitter can manage the kid’s room while the grown-ups enjoy some adult company for a change.

With a separate room and armed with a movie, crafts, toys and games, colouring books and instant cameras children will have a whale of a time. The fact that they are happy, with needs taken care of, means that parents can relax and make the most of celebrating your big day with you.

Similarly, pets are a popular addition to weddings now. If you are planning on inviting pets along to your wedding (after all, they make excellent subjects in wedding photos), then you may want a space for them while you party into the night. Hire a dogsitter who will tend to feeding, walks, toilet trips and make sure there is a space for resting too. Of course, it is not just dogs that receive wedding invites so that you can plan a pet sitter accordingly to you and your guest’s needs.

3. Midnight Munchie Food Truck

All the of the best nights out end up with a takeaway on the way home. Make sure your guests do not go home hungry by making sure your wedding has its own food truck to feed your party at the end of the night. Of course, you can offer your favourite night-out indulgence, whether that is chips, kebabs or pizza.

If you are celebrating at a country house or hotel, then a food truck may not be an option. In this case, you may be able to ask the venue to provide cones of chips or perhaps some moreish cheese on toast. Whatever midnight feast that you can give, it is bound to go down a treat.

Furthermore, having late night food will help to prolong the fun. Instead of guests leaving in search of food, you are providing that vital energy boost to keep the party going. It is also not a bad idea to have a coffee station in the afternoon to keep spirits up during a long and exhausting wedding day.


Wedding Entertainment


4. Brilliant Balloon Dart Canvas

For a piece of art to treasure long into your marriage and a fantastic game for your guests too, opt for a balloon dart canvas. One of the lesser known wedding reception ideas – you fill balloons with your favourite colours (ideally colours that work together) and attach them to a canvas. Word of warning, this is an outdoor activity only. Provide your guests with darts and have them aim at the board, trying to pop the balloons. As the balloons pop, the canvas will transform into a fabulous work of art that you can keep as a special memento.

As guests can become quite competitive when darts are in question, it may be worth having several canvases so that guests can compete and you can choose your favourite. Your guests may want to take home the leftover canvases too.

This is an ideal activity for the afternoon, and as the paint will dry by the evening, you can leave pens available so that guests can decorate your painting and fill it with loving messages to the happy couple.

5. Funky Floor Fillers

A common worry during wedding planning is whether the dancefloor will be left empty. If you are worried that the dancefloor may be lacking, there are some excellent ways to counteract this. Hiring a dance instructor is a superb way to ensure everyone participates.A dance instructor can rally the troops and get everyone learning a few simple moves.

Depending on your style and wedding theme, you can choose the ideal dance for you. You may opt for some simple, sexy salsa steps or perhaps a fun line dance complete with cowboy hats. If your wedding is set in an idyllic wedding barn, you have the perfect place for a barn dance with some country dancing steps thrown into the mix.

With an instructor guiding guests, they will be less nervous about getting on the dancefloor, and most people will not want to leave while they show off their new dancing skills.

If a dance instructor is out of the budget, then personalise your wedding invitations by asking each guest to have a song request. With guests having their favourite tunes playing, you will be sure to get the dancefloor buzzing.


fun wedding reception ideas


6. Great Wedding Bake Off

If you and your partner cannot decide on a wedding cake or perhaps there is not enough money in the budget, enlist your guests to help. As The Great British Bake Off style has swept the nation, make your wedding part of the action. Ask guests to provide a bake for your wedding (this could be instead of a gift) and have the rest of the guests judging and voting for their favourite. The winner will be the official wedding cake for the happy couple.

This method works well if your budget is limited as it is a way to combine wedding food and the wedding cake in one. The contest will be fun and bring all of your guests together. Make sure that guests bake both sweet and savoury options, so there is something for everyone. You will be guaranteeing baking conversation all night long. Will your uncle feel it is a travesty that his courgette cake fresh from his allotment did not win?

7. Build Your Own Buzzing Bar

Whatever your favourite tipple, it is easy to incorporate your favourite drinks into your wedding day. You can create discussion around a table by offering a tasting session with your ideal drink. This could be a traditional wine tasting session or perhaps a more fashionable gin and tonic pairing lesson.

For a more casual bar, why not offer your own beer and cider kegs with taps so that guests can sample a selection and help themselves? If your friends prefer the finer things in life and enjoy a more upmarket drink, then a cocktail making bar is perfect. With a cocktail bar, guests can have a go at creating the perfect drink, and you can be sure that everyone has a tipple they like.

To tie into this theme, you can provide personalised glasses for wedding favours. If you have a smaller budget, then personalised wedding coasters are also a fabulous gift. These coasters can be left on top of glasses to ensure drinks remain where they are when guests are hitting the dancefloor.


It will be up to you and your partner to set the wedding atmosphere. The guests will be looking to the newlywed couple to set a precedent for the day. If you seem stressed, then your guests will stiffen. If you are relaxed and having fun, then your guests will too. While you may want to please all of your guests, it is your wedding so make sure to do what will make you happiest.

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