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Coronavirus cancellations: What to do if your wedding isn’t going ahead

It’s not a great time for happy couples, wedding venues, or live bands for hire. COVID-19 has sadly put a stop to many of the fun things in life, and that includes weddings and large events. After all, it’s not really possible to celebrate at a safe 2-metre distance…

Couples looking forward to a summer, or even early autumn, wedding have been forced to indefinitely postpone their big day. We’re all hoping for life to return to normal as soon as possible, but what can loved up couples do in the meantime?

This is how to curb your disappointment, minimise financial losses, and safely postpone.

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Be flexible with the new dates

Current UK government guidance is that everyone should stay at home unless they’re a key worker or going out for essentials. At the moment the lockdown has no end date.

It’s tempting to hope that your wedding will be able to go ahead as planned by July or August, but no one really knows. If you’re a natural planner, consider moving your date at least 6-12 months into the future if you can. It’s disappointing to have to wait even longer for your nuptials, but it’s safer to assume large events aren’t going to be safe for a while.

Talk to your venue & suppliers

Venues are dealing with COVID-19 differently. Some are biting the bullet and moving bookings to 2021. Some, unfortunately, aren’t keeping couples informed at all. There are a few depressing stories out there of brides and grooms fighting for refunds

Communicate with your venue and suppliers and find out what they suggest. It’s in their interest to keep your booking and they’ll have lots of other couples to work with, but changes are inevitable. Not everyone will still be in business when lockdown ends, so be prepared to chase those refunds and find new suppliers when it’s safe to do so.


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Be clear with your guests

Getting a lot of confused messages and calls from your guests? It’s likely you haven’t got much to tell them yet. The easiest way to inform all your guests is to keep the message consistent and send out mass texts and emails.

Let them know if there’s a new date or not and pass on any advice or communication from the venue. There’s very little you can do other than thank them for their patience and tell them you’ll keep them updated if anything changes.

Reflect on what really matters to you

Coronavirus is making us all reflect on what we do and don’t need. As unexpected and inconvenient as it is, this lockdown period will show you and your partner what’s really important.

Post-Covid, you might decide to jet off somewhere on your own and elope, include more people in your big day, choose a theme you previously thought was too strange or niche, or do something completely unexpected. It’s your day, you can do what you want with it.


live bands for hire

Trust that your big day will happen eventually

Wedding planning is already stressful. A pandemic throwing a huge spanner in the works is likely to push many couples to arguments, tears, and even despair.

There will still be wedding venues and live bands for hire when this is all over. Let your emotions out, embrace the uncertainty, and have faith. Your big day will go ahead, it’ll just be a little bit different to what you planned.

Live bands for hire: Talk to us about your booking

We’re working closely with couples to reschedule their live bands for hire and make sure they still have a day to remember – whenever it is! If you’ve made a booking with us, talk to our team on 0800 756 5512.

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