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How to choose a wedding DJ who’ll start the party and keep it going

Wedding music entertainment has to create a lot of different feelings throughout the night – everything from pure joy to nostalgia.

Then there’s the inevitable generation gap. Your grandma and your younger cousin probably have different tastes, but there’s always some common ground to be found (e.g. Stevie Wonder’s Superstition).

Choosing a wedding DJ is no small task. Here’s how to choose wisely.

Decide on ‘cool’, ‘old school’ or somewhere in-between

Some DJs are more Ibiza weekender than wedding reception. If that’s your thing, great! However, if you want to make sure the night has more Motown than obscure electronica, it’s best to go for a DJ that’s comfortable spanning the different genres and decades.

If your DJ’s far too cool to take requests, they might not be the one for your big day…

wedding music entertainment

Ask them about their playlist

A wedding party goes on for hours, and the music needs to change accordingly. If you want the traditional crowdpleasers – Rock the Boat, YMCA, New York New York – then it’s a good idea to check your DJ has them in their repertoire. Any more specific or unusual requests will definitely need to be checked first.

The DJ you book should be open to lots of different genres and artists. It’s important to be able to leave them to it on the day, so the only thing you need to worry about is your moves!

Check their reviews and referrals

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things, and we’ve all heard the horror stories about makeup artists, cars, and photographers not arriving on time (or at all!)

Choosing reliable vendors is essential, no matter what they’re doing for you on the day. Even if you have to pay a bit more for someone with a great reputation, it’ll save you from all the headaches.

wedding music entertainment

Check your venue’s rules

Every wedding venue is different. Some have licensing rules that restrict how late your party can go on, some don’t. This can mean your DJ will have to end their set by a particular time, so they’ll need to be aware of that before you book them.

Some venues don’t have easy access to a power source either, so check the details if your location is particularly rural, old, or unusual. Otherwise, you might need some more acoustic entertainment…

Book with an experienced entertainment agency

Working with an agency means the DJ you book will be vetted, regularly play at weddings and events, and are an all-round reliable type.

Entertainment agencies like Silk Street only have the most accomplished performers and wedding music entertainment on their books, so you know you’re getting the best. And your wedding deserves the best, right?

Unbeatable wedding music entertainment from Silk Street

Silk Street is known for unforgettable entertainment tailored to you and your wedding.

Find out more about our world-class DJs and how to book.

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