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A Must-Read Guide To Wedding Entertainment

Is the big day in sight yet? Many couples can take a while to leap from announcing their engagement to sending those first, lavender-scented invitations to friends and family. Part of that build-up comes in the search for unique wedding entertainment that will shape the all-important reception. So, here’s a must read guide to wedding entertainment.

Well, with a little help from UK entertainment agents, like us, it’s easy to find the perfect acts. All you have to do is weigh up your theme, budget and specifications before those bells start ringing. To get the ball rolling, we have put together a handy guide to wedding entertainment…

Must read guide: Setting the stage

The scene of a wedding reception is of utmost importance as it ties into your choice of entertainment. For this reason, you should consider what form the reception might take from the very first stages of planning your wedding. This is an essential part of our must read guide.

A hotel or conference suite, for example, will probably have the setup for a tech-heavy performance. Meanwhile, a hall or restaurant might be more suited to the intimacy of wedding singers. On the other hand, acoustic acts are a smart choice for outdoor receptions.

There may be sound limitations, too, that offset a unique structure. An outdoor venue may limit music to a certain curfew time. Check the size of the place and its relevant attributes: if the dancefloor is tiny, but the look of the building is perfect, then you might have to compromise on that funk group you were eyeing up.

Must read guide: Landing on a theme 

To hire wedding entertainment with the right sense of panache, you have to know what they’re fitting into. We’re not talking about tuxedos, or a three-hour setlist – these are just commonalities. What you really want is a unifying theme to glue together the various aspects of your celebrations, from the décor through to the entertainment. 

Themes are going to be suggested thick and fast amongst your inner wedding circle. They may include cabaret, ballroom, rock n roll or a movie theme; basically, a form of dress, colour and style to permeate the party. Solidifying this is going to determine whether the act should be reserved, comedic, tasteful, high-energy, or a general tribute to something that resonates with you, the happy couple.

It also depends on how niche you want to be. Do you want your wedding to be a celebration of something you’re passionate about, or are you concerned about keeping everyone happy? It’s totally up to you: a jazz band, as one example, could play Amy Winehouse covers, reach back to 1930s hits, or range across the whole spectrum of their sound. We do suggest taking the chance to be selfish – this is your wedding, so there’s no greater chance to convert guests around to your listening habits.

Must read guide: Must Planning the scope of your booking

Now comes the question of how many acts you want to use. You could hire wedding entertainment to slot into specific stages of the day, such as the champagne reception. Alternatively, enlist their support to see you through the whole evening.

You could, for example, choose a single singer or musician for background accompaniment as people arrive and chat over drinks. You might want to take things up a notch with a ragtime headliner who sets your throng alight at 9pm. Some acts will offer the versatility to evolve with the night, while others will specialise in a certain niche.

To help you narrow down the options, it’s important to set a budget. This will enable you to finalise the amount and breadth of talent you’d like to book. You need to think about what times they’ll be taking the stage from each other. Remember, there’s more to wedding entertainment than singers and bands. Consider having entertainers dispersed amongst the crowd itself. Lookalikes and novelty waiters/waitresses could add another, relevant touch to your concept.

A professional host, too, isn’t out of the question. You might want to shake things up with a comedian before the main band surfaces, as variety will be the spice of the night, and good jokes are always appreciated. For guests, weddings involve a lot of time waiting around, so the more the merrier where entertainers are concerned.

Must read guide: Talking to the talent agency 

Once you’ve firmed up all of the above considerations, you’ll have a firm basis for going to an agent and asking what they can do for you. Dealing with an agent rather than approaching entertainers directly means that you can shop around without any extra effort; they can work with your location, date and budget to find suitable acts for your wedding plans.

Equipment and transport will be discussed, along with any terms and conditions that you need to bear in mind, such as cancellation policies. Insurance is another big factor in knowing that your wedding entertainment is reputable; agents should audit and verify acts for you, so that all you have to do is sign the dotted line. It’s also worth investing in your own wedding insurance, to ensure you’re not out of pocket if something goes wrong.

Must read guide: More top tips

Of course, before taking your pen in hand, search for footage of the band/singer/comedian/magician’s performance. Any act worth their salt won’t be shy about this: it’s their calling card, their final proof that stardom is guaranteed. You can find soundbites, videos, repertoires, testimonials and more on Silk Street Entertainment, giving you confidence when booking through us.

Whether you’re identifying entertainment companies in London, or a lone wedding singer in Birmingham, not every booking is cut-and-dry. There are numerous factors affecting the style, size and feasibility of your pick: what you require above all is a network that can distil the best options for you, all in one place…

What can we do for you?

That’s what Silk Street can do for you. We combine our expertise in wedding entertainment with a black book of exclusive entertainers stretching across the UK, to help you plan a reception to remember.

We’ll guide you through the process by presenting suggestions that can help you decide on the best acts for your wedding. Just let us know your preferred category, the area you’re celebrating in, and what price you’re looking at – we’ll do the rest before the special day sneaks up, confetti in hand!

For further advice on planning your wedding entertainment, call us on 0800 756 5512.

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