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Wedding Planning: The Ulimate Guide

As royal wedding fever grips the nation, there really is no other topic that we could cover in our blog this week. It has to be wedding planning!

Harry and Meghan’s wedding is costing a cool £32million. To be fair, £30million of that is down to the security. Having said that, a budget of £1-2 million is pretty lavish. Meghan’s dress alone cost $180,000. Now, your wedding won’t be so big budget. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that your live entertainment will be The Spice Girls. But, it’s still your special day and here’s your ultimate guide to wedding planning.

Wedding Planning: The Budget

Step 1 is to plan your budget. Be honest and open about what you can afford. Take into consideration whether parents will contribute. Next, research a few prices for types of venue, for example. This will give you a rough idea of the figures you’ll be looking at.

A key aspect of getting your wedding planning right is knowing exactly what you can afford, from the outset.

Choosing your Wedding Venue

With your budget set, you can choose your venue. This determines the date of the wedding, location and number of guests, so it’s important that confirming your venue choice is one of the first things you do.

Top Tip: Buy Wedding Insurance

This isn’t the most obvious thing that people think of. However, the average cost of a wedding in the UK has now gone past £25,000. Besides buying a house, and maybe a car, your wedding is the biggest financial outlay you are likely to make. It does pay to be sensible and give yourself peace of mind. Look at Compare Wedding Insurance for an idea of prices.

Wedding Guest List and Bridal Party

Think carefully about who you want with you on your big day. From key people such as the best man and bridesmaids to ushers and page boys, make those choices early. Who to include on the wedding guest list can be problematic. Of course, it will be largely determined by your budget. However, you should consider who to invite for the whole day or just the evening as soon as possible. This allows you to plan for catering accordingly.

Choose your Wedding suppliers carefully

There is a lot to consider. From photographers, stationery, and florists to live entertainment. Whether your plans are quite traditional or more leftfield, you will want to book your suppliers early on.

The Wedding Dress

Perhaps one of the most emotional aspects of wedding planning is choosing the dress. It can take a good few months to make so leave yourself enough time. Once you have chosen your dress, you can consider how bridesmaid dresses and the groomswear can complement the look of the wedding dress.

Wedding Invitations and Gift List

Invitations should be sent out 3-6 months before the wedding date. Include your wedding gift list with the invitations. This will make the process easier for your guests.

Wedding Table Plan

Once you have collected your RSVPs, you can draw up your final table plan. Consider the dynamics of the room, where best to place family, friends and children, and any access requirements, such as elderly guests.

Live entertainment is one of the key considerations of wedding planning. There are so many options: all types of music, or caricaturists – even magicians! Whatever your entertainment needs are, get in touch with Silk Street today. We have years of experience of supplying weddings with first class entertainment.

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